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Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you: Jesus Christ and the American G.I.

~One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.~

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president." -- Author -- Theodore Roosevelt -->



America, Just Lost Her Freedom of Expression!

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"Harley-Davidson Accessories & Wood Cravings"


Page Links:

Idaho Global War on Terrorism Memorial Association
The ' L I T T L E ' things~


  Custom Hand Braided Clutch, Brake Levers, Custom Built Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

The pictures below are thumbnail pictures, by clicking on one of the pictures you'll see an enlarged view. To return to the thumbnail view, just click the "back" button on your browser. Sometimes the full size picture will come up in a second browser in this case just click the "X" in the top right corner of that browser.


" Your Levers, Custom Hand Braided
"Eight strands $95.00 a pair!
Ten strands $105.00 a pair!
"Your Choice Of Color Scheme"

"Custom Built Motorcycle Cargo Trailers"
Built With Motorcycle Safety In Mind!

Pointed Style Trailers Starting at $1,399.00

Square Style Trailers Starting at $1,299.



by: Hugh C. Rowland

  Each one of these Walking Sticks are one of a kind. His Artistic hands creates them with care for you. The Spirit of the Beautiful Wood Grains comes to LIFE with every Character or Design. Personalized Walking Sticks, Plaques & Statues. Hand carved Elks, Wolves & Eagles, animals of all kinds from around the World, Indian Carvings and Old Men Faces, etc.... Or if there is a special animal, or figurine that you would like him to carve just send us a picture, and he will custom carve it for you. All of his work is authentic, there are no two carvings the same. 

  His carvings have been purchased by collectors from all around the world. If you order a cane or carving that has been sold, he can carve a similar one for the same price, remember that no two canes are exactly the same. Canes will be carved to your specifications.


" Vets-Helping-Vets Contact Information Is On The Bottom Of Every Page In This Website "


Full Body Grizzly Bear Cane #1 or Figurine. Item # 1000 $395.00  SOLD

Full Body Grizzly Bear  Figurine or Cane. Item # 1014 $395.00  SOLD


Full Body Wolf Figurine or Cane. Item # 1001 $375.00  SOLD

Full Body Cougar  Figurine or Cane. Item # 1015 $385.00 SOLD

  Double Headed Eagle01.jpg (26269 bytes)

Double Eagle Headed Cane. Item # 1002 $395.00 SOLD

Single Headed Eagle03.jpg (22073 bytes)

Single Bald Eagle Cane. Item # 1003 $275.00  SOLD

  Img007.jpg (41197 bytes)

Double Headed Jackal Cane. Item # 1004 $325.00 SOLD

Kenya_Eagle10.jpg (8117 bytes)

African Martial Eagle Cane Commonly found in Kenya. Item # 1005 $245.00  SOLD

Don Bear Eagle 1 pin.jpg (22105 bytes)  Don Bear Eagle 3 pins.jpg (34152 bytes)

Double Headed Eagle & Bear With Inlay. Item # 1006
$475.00  SOLD

  oldmaneagle1.jpg (44216 bytes) oldmaneagle.jpg (42546 bytes)

Old Man HD Cane.HD.jpg (52579 bytes)  Old Man HD Cane.Face.jpg (18022 bytes)

Old Man & Double Eagle Are Carved, The Wolf Track & Initials Are Inlayed. Item # 1007 $795.00  SOLD

Don's cane e-side view04.jpg (22358 bytes)

Bear, Eagle Cane. Item # 1008 $ 190.00  SOLD

Dar's Indian, Eagle Cane24.jpg (44656 bytes)  Dar's Double Eagle22.jpg (20919 bytes)

Double headed Eagle, Indian. Multi Carvings on one Cane, your choice of figures. Item # 1009 $500.00  SOLD

Old Man Face, New Design Handle for more comfort with finger holes.
Item # 1010 $325.00  SOLD

Smoky  Old Man Face.jpg (27179 bytes)  Smoky Thanks.jpg (25841 bytes)

Crooked Old Man With Personal Message In Handle. Item # 1011 $565.00  SOLD

 Lady & Serpent.jpg (173228 bytes)

Lady & The Serpent. Item # 1012  $275.00 SOLD

golfClock_1.jpg (52919 bytes)

Golf Bag Pen & Pencil Holder, with your initials inlayed. Item # 1013  $145.00  SOLD

  fullhorse.jpg (44567 bytes)

Full Body Horse Figurine or Cane. Item # 1016 $ 375.00 SOLD

  Old Man & Pipe.jpg (44447 bytes)

Old Man & His Pipe. Item # 1017 $225.00 SOLD

   Old_Man_HD_Cane.Face.jpg (18022 bytes)

Old Man Figurine or Cane. Item # 1018 $325.00  SOLD

 Small Bear Head.jpg (35722 bytes)

Bear Head Walking Stick. Item # 1019 $85.00  SOLD

Small Wolf Head.jpg (36754 bytes)

Wolf Head Walking Stick. Item # 1020 $95.00  SOLD

 Small Cougar Head.jpg (35931 bytes)

Cougar Head Walking Stick. Item # 1021 $95.00  SOLD

eagle.jpg (39797 bytes)

Eagle Head Walking Stick Item # 1022 $175.00  SOLD


Double Headed Eagle, with an Elephant and his initials carved and inlayed in the handle Item # 1023 $ 475.00 SOLD

Double Headed Eagle, with an Elephant and his initials carved and inlayed in the handle Item # 1023 $ 475.00  SOLD

Cane  Cane  Cane
Item # 1024 $ 475.00 SOLD
Cane  Cane
Item # 1025
Inlays sealed with Supper Glaze.

Iron Warriors Back Patch Table Carving #1
Not Finished

Iron Warrior Back Patch Table Carving #2
Not Finished



We only accept payment after you have contacted Vets Helping Vets to arrange the guide lines for your custom carving order. Do to the fact that all our products are custom made. We have found this process to work best. Also just put "Viet Nam" only in the subject line so I don't miss your e-mail.


Old Growth Western Juniper { www.juniperguy.com }

Redwood Bench & Table Co. 208 hwy. 26 Mitchell, OR 97750  {1 541 462 3232}


 Simple Life Wood Carvings
Description: Wood carvings by Kirk Patterson.


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" Idaho Global War on Terrorism Memorial Association "

Fellow Idahoan:

How many times have we all seen articles in the news media regarding the armed conflicts currently raging around the globe? How many times have we had cause to reflect on the toll that these conflicts have on us and those that we know? Odds are that we all know someone that has been directly involved, or we know someone who has a loved one in harm's way.

This letter comes to you on behalf of the many men and women who made a commitment to live by a theme shared by less than one percent of our population and gave the ultimate gift that one can give to his fellow man, their very lives. The common theme among them includes concepts such as dedication, honor, selfless service and a devotion to this country and everyone and everything that this great nation stands for. These are the men and women that set a standard for all of us to aspire to.

The Idaho Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Memorial Association has been formed by a cooperative coalition of veterans' organizations and private individuals in order to create a lasting memorial to those who have lost their lives since September 11th, 2001.  Our goal is to erect a memorial that will enable the names of those lost in the attacks on Washington D.C., Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations worldwide in the defense of those preyed on by terrorist organizations to live on and never be forgotten.

We have a great opportunity to honor those who have laid down their lives defending this nation and others against terrorism. Listed on the GWOT memorial will be the names of Idaho service members and Department of Defense civilians who perished in the attack on the Pentagon as well as those casualties from the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. Names will be listed chronologically and will include their rank, branch of service and age.

This memorial will be located in front of the State Capitol in Boise, but it will take tax deductible donations from individuals and organizations such as you. Let the people of the great state of Idaho honor those who gave all, and let's let their loved ones know for eternity, that Idaho thanks them for their sacrifice and that they will not be forgotten.

Please make your tax deductible donation to the Idaho GWOT Memorial Association today, so that we can honor those who did not come home.

Thank You,

Idaho Global War on Terrorism Memorial Association

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~The ' L I T T L E ' things ~

As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11 because his son started kindergarten.
Another fellow was alive because it was His turn to bring donuts.
One woman was late because her Alarm clock didn't go off in time.
One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike because of an auto accident.
One of them Missed his bus.
One spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change.
One's Car wouldn't start.
One couldn't get a taxi.
The one that struck me was the man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning,
Took the various means to get to work but before he got there, he developed a blister on his foot.

He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. That is why he is alive today..

Now when I am stuck in traffic, miss an elevator, turn back to answer a ringing telephone ...
All the little things that annoy me. I think to myself, this is exactly where God wants me to be
At this very moment..

Next time your morning seems to be going wrong, you can't seem to find the car keys,
You hit every traffic light, don't get mad or frustrated; It May be just that
God is at work watching over you.

May God continue to bless you with all those annoying little things and may you remember their possible purpose.


I am the proud wife of a Purple Heart, Viet Nam Combat Veteran.
"His fight was in Viet Nam, my fight is the Viet Nam still in him"

Author: Mrs. D. Rowland


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" Always Refresh Your Browser, I Add Pictures And Information To This Website Regularly! "



" Australian Artillery {Vet Nam} Award For Web Excellence "

For more information call or e-mail us at
hugh@vets-helping-vets.com or call us at {208} 573-7952

Also just put "Viet Nam" in the subject line so I don't miss your e-mail, or just click the e-mail envelope below.

Thank You
Hugh C. Rowland




"Causes & Businesses vets helping vets Supports"


This website  is an excellent resource to learn about the dangers of this disease. http://www.mesotheliomaprognosis.org

Mesothelioma Cancer.

We our lawyers helping veterans who have suffered from mesothelioma and asbestos.


Kaitlin Wilson
Outreach Coordinator

Rich Stewart Public Outreach

Mesothelioma Guide :  1-888-572-9011  
121 S. Orange Avenue | Suite 1450 | Orlando, FL 32801

Outreach Department Pleural Mesothelioma Center at http://www.PleuralMesothelioma.com

We are a growing network of providers, families and friends dedicated to helping patients find their way through the complex, difficult and often confusing world of mesothelioma. www.mesothelioma.net

MesoCare is a free public service that is dedicated to providing support.


To ensure that you receive all benefits you are entitled to, it is strongly recommended that you work with our VA-accredited claims representative. A claims representative understands the complex rules, laws and evidence requirements of the claims process and will make sure that your application is correctly submitted to the VA. Failure to submit all necessary documents accurately and on-time could result in your claim being delayed and/or denied.

If you have questions about the claims process or wish to receive help from our VA-accredited claims representative, please contact Belluck & Fox .


Please, if you have any questions, contact us.

Boise, Idaho, 83705

Call Vets Helping Vets Office at: (208) 573-7952

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