"These Soldiers Served"
These soldiers walked through hell and having
passed through the flames lost a part of their soul.
They watched their friends get shot and maimed
and themselves paid a physical and mental toll.
They prayed for life and they prayed for death
as they coped daily with tragedy and pain.
They saw and heard things that would kill most
men and now they attempt to forget in vain.
Mostly shunned when they came home because of
things done by a few others they could only morn.
They risked the life that God gave them and all they
received from their nation and friends were jeers and scorn.
They walk, talk and even laugh like other men as
they pretend the past is forgotten and that they are healed.
But deep inside a part of them is as dead as those
that returned in plastic bags, forever in the earth concealed.
These soldiers served their nation in wartime in those
lands of beauty, horror and wrath.
They went because they were called and they
served because it was the honorable path.
By I.S. Parrish
"The Faces In My Dreams"
After thirty years I still see faces in my dreams,
some who never grew to be old men.
Most went off to war with honor and pride,
hoping their future they would win.
The images float by like specters,
I see some laughing while others cry.
Each one from a different background,
none thought they might be mangled or die.
I had hoped to put them all to rest,
I had hoped that time would make them fade.
But as the years slip by the more I remember,
the more of my dreams they do invade.
By I.S. Parrish


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