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The 10%  

  I'm as patriotic as anyone. In the wake of September 11/01 and the evil that was done to the United States, I fly my flags and mourn with our Nation, but I want to take a minute to pick on some people.  

  Please understand, I love the way our  nation has come together in the last two weeks. I saw a recent poll that President George W. Bush has a 90% approval rating- the highest ever for an American President.  

  But, please tell me:  Who are the other 10%?  

  They are a professor at The University of North Carolina, who called on Bush to apologize. Yes, apologize to the world for American Imperialism. That this is our fault.  

  They are Jesse Jackson, who said that America is now a "police state" and we will lose our "civil liberties". That racial profiling will rule, and we will lose our freedom. They are college students across our Nation that carry "peace" symbols, yet threaten to vandalize any fire truck in Berkley, CA. that flies the American flag.  

  I will deal with them one by one:  

  First, to the college professor: You are a fascist idiot. And I am chilled knowing that you, and people like you are teaching America's youth. You are no American, and should be deported to Cuba on the next raft headed that way.  

  Second, to Jesse Jackson:  

  Thank you for your kind words at time when America is pulling together. Nothing like a moron like you to stir up dissension during our darkest hour. Don't forget, Jesse, that people died for our freedoms long before you "blessed" us with your forgettable presence. That freedom comes with a price, and if you aren't willing to pay that price, then shut up, go visit your mistress, and stay off my TV!  

  And lastly, to the college students:  

  You have no idea what you have. You've been fed with a silver spoon, bought from the closest Saks in your suburban neighborhood, and you have not the slightest inkling of the threat posed to America. Grow up. Get a job. Try balancing that job with a wife or husband, a couple of kids, and a mortgage payment. Try wondering how to spread yourself just thin enough you don't crumble. And try being so many things to so many people, who depend solely on you. Worry about their futures for a change, instead of yours. See beyond your boyhood blinders in a world where there are people that would like nothing  more than to take you down. To destroy those freedoms you have not even begun to understand. And learn to find strength in your God and your flag, because when Daddy cuts off the money supply, that's all you've got left!  

  I have heard many people the last few days start to waiver in their vengeance. Poor Afghanistan. They are a troubled people ravaged by war and famine. They have done nothing wrong, and now many innocent people will die.

  People, understand this:  

  New Yorkers are digging through rubble, trying to find bodies so loved ones can bury them. Problem is, they are only finding body parts. There were about 15 day care centers in the World Trade Centers. 15. Each one had about 25 children in them. That's almost 400 And when I see on TV, a Fire Fighter crying because he can't stomach the idea of seeing just one more child's leg, arm, head, or part of a torso charred in the rubble--dismembered to the point where parents and loved ones are asked to bring their toothbrushes so that they can identify them by DNA. Where the stench of death haunts the air to the point where it chokes you. Where nearly 7,000 crushed, burned, mutilated bodies rest buried under thousands of tons of rubble that used to be jobs to nearly 50,000 people. Where melted crayons and toys cling to the sides of steel girders where children used to play. And where those children now lay dead--no futures--no tomorrow. To those who are losing their stomachs for vengeance: I say, do not forget. Do not ever, ever, forget. America cannot, will not, tolerate this.


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